Best Stretches For Forearm Pain

Forearm pain is common in people who type on a computer for a large part of the day as this puts pressure on the wrist and forearm. Another common cause of forearm pain is swinging a tennis racket or golf club repeatedly. Without treatment, slight forearm pain can develop into a more severe form of tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. By stretching the forearm, you may be able to relieve the tension in the muscle and prevent a more serious condition from occurring.

Upright Wrist Flexor Stretch

This stretch is most effective for golfers who experience soreness on the inside of the elbow at the very top of the forearm. It works by helping to extend the muscles on the rear side of the forearm.

To complete this stretch, follow the steps below:

  • While standing, extend your arms out to the front of you
  • Get your fingers to face forward by bending the right wrist upward
  • Put pressure on your right hand using your left palm
  • Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds
  • Repeat with your left wrist

Upright Extensor Stretch

This stretch easy to fit into your day because it can be completed anytime you are standing. Make sure you are standing up straight with your arms at your sides and your shoulders back for proper posture. Then, bend back both of your wrists at the same time until your fingers are pointing behind you, but still parallel with the floor. Continue the stretch by bending your wrists forward until your fingers are pointing to the front of you.

Wrist Rotation Stretch

Rotating the wrist helps improve the circulation of blood to not only the wrists, but the hands and forearms as well. It also helps to prevent future injury by increasing the range of motion of your wrists. To complete the stretch, hold your arms out in front of you and form your hands into fists. Rotate your wrists to the inside and turn them in circles. Then, rotate the wrists to the outside and make circles again.

Assisted Forearm Stretch

This stretch is similar to the wrist flexor stretch in that you use one arm to help the stretching of the other arm. For this stretch, complete the following procedure:

  • Put your right arm in front of you and level with the floor
  • Face your right palm to the ceiling
  • Hold your right palm with your left hand by wrapping your left thumb around the right thumb and the fingers around the thumb side of the palm
  • Bend the right hand to face forward
  • Hold the stretch for 30 seconds
  • Repeat the stretch on the left arm

All of these stretches, when done consistently and properly, will help improve the range of motion and strengthen the muscles in your forearm and wrist.

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